About Us

We have spent over 100 years serving the precision glass and quartz industry. The proprietary precision techniques here at Friedrich & Dimmock, Inc., are continually driven and refined to meet and exceed the high demands of our customers. Personal engineering assistance is available from concept to prototype to finished component. Our engineers become your engineers, delivering cost-effective solutions to your most difficult design problems — quickly and reliably. Our innovative and specialized CNC fabrication techniques will render precision components to satisfy the highest of quality standards.

Our custom glass fabrication capabilities include special profiles (square, rectangular, oval, etc.) on the inner or outer diameter in Simax Borosilicate Glass and in Quartz products. These special shapes can be combined with custom precision bores of virtually any shape. Our borosilicate glass and quartz techniques yield smooth, pristine inner diameters with tolerances that can range down to mere microns! Multiple bores with precise, center-to-center distances can also be produced to suit your specific requirements. Need a round outer diameter with a locating flat? No problem! Send us a print or drawing via fax or email and we will render a fast and concise quotation.